If you have seen an effective bulletin insert or a sign at your church or while traveling, concerning modesty, we would like to publish it on this page. Please send it to us at formodesty@juno.com
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Please do not recieve Our Lord in Holy Communion if you are not
respectfully clothed
Appropriate dress required
in the Church..
No Shorts, Tanktops, or
mini-skirts please.
Dear CatholicModesty,
Our church has many large families, which means a lot of older girls who want to follow today's styles. Our Parish priest started having this printed in our bulletin when he came here three years ago. During the winter there isn't much problem as far as acceptable modesty due to the need for warmth, however it gets beautifully hot here in the summer and the following message is necessary.
Miss MW    Virginia
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"As we approach summer we must again remember when coming to church that there is a dress code. We must remember to dress respectfully. No shorts, halter tops, thin strapped tops, bare feet or any other dress that is not appropriate. This is God's house, not ours."
Signs and Bulletin inserts seen at Churches around the world