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If you would like us to consider a link to your modest clothing site, or if you have found a site that offers modest clothing, please e-mail us.  We reserve the right to deny any link.
email me has tried to find sites that offer modest clothing.  It has been difficult. Many of these sites are not Catholic based, but offer modest clothing, so please be aware of this. Since we are promoting modesty among all women, especially Catholic, we felt that it is appropriate to include them here.  We cannot guarantee the sites we link to. We provide these links as a service, but we do not make any claims regarding them.  Some may offer clothing that would fulfill the recommendations of the Catholic Church, and some may not. On some of the sites you must request longer sleeves if you wish them to be "at least to the elbow".  You may need to verify the length of the skirt.  You must do your homework.
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